SGCS launches brand new shore excursion product - Reality Games

June 26, 2008

SGCS launches brand new shore excursion product - Reality Games.

The Swedish tour operator Stockholm Guide & Cruise Services launches an innovative world tour concept, called Reality Games. “People lack unpredictability in their lives. We want to blur the line between life and fiction” SGCS president, Marco Giertz explains enthusiastically.

“While we cater to guests requesting traditional sightseeing tours, we always aim to indulge many of our returning clients who seek something new and exciting.”

The virtual games incorporate the central parts of Stockholm and cover points of interest that are usually not part of a tour itinerary. They are used as interactive narratives that use the real world as a platform. ³Spies² interact with the players and mobile devices are used to transfer clues and information, essential to solving the pieces to the game.

“We’ve had great success with our corporate clients” Mr. Giertz adds, “we now want to offer this innovative and highly successful product to the cruise industry. Innovation is our mantra; we were also the first to offer the cruise industry, interactive midsummer tours and mobile trivias. Our ambition is to be the most creative tour operator on the market.”

SGCS is an innovative tour operator formed by accredited guides.

They believe that success comes from having a personalized in-depth knowledge of Stockholm, allowing them to create the best experiences in the market, offering both new and traditional tours.

They only use top quality guides licensed by Stockholm Visitor’s Board, in order to meet the strictest of customers. For further information contact: Marco Giertz, tel: +46 701 528 801, email:

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